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Lick Sang (TJ) bonded warehouse is located at the southeast of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and it occupies an area of 5,600m². As the FTZ is adjacent to the Port, it Provide very convenient traffic. In present, FTZ is connecting to over 180 countries and 400 ports worldwide, as its location is the closest distance from Bohai Sea to the Northern China and the northwest inland, a lower transportation cost can be achieved. In addition, road traffic includes the Jingshan, Jingjin, Jingpu railways bypassing it and the Jing-Jin-Tang highway links the FTZ directly to Beijing, with the Tianjin International Airport in the mid-way of it. At such a good location, the FTZ guarantees the investors cheap and convenient air, sea and road transportation. Our warehouse is situated from Beijing of 160km & only 56km from Tianjin. Including Haibin Avenue, Jingjintang Express Hwy, Jingjintang 2nd Express Hwy, Jingbin Express Hwy, Jintang Highway, Jingpu express Hwy form a Highway network which provides efficiency to road transportation.

Established from May 1991, Tianjin Port FTZ has adopted international practices and enjoys the most preferential investment policies from the government. It is an open trade zone and being treated as “within country border but outside customs”. Material processing within this zone is strictly tax-free. So it is particularly suitable for export-processing, re-export and warehousing. FTZ has its own customs, management committee, tax authority; business, animal & plant, and quarantine inspection; public security, banks and insurance companies. All these institutions serve to enhance the operations of all businesses within this zone.