Warehouse unit

1. Building Architecture

  • Designed to have 1 basement, 4 floors of warehouses, with construction area of 11,500m2
  • Each floor has 4 warehouse units, provide floors with 16 warehouse units.
  • Loading capacity:
    Basement 3.0 ton/m2
    1/F 2.0 ton/m2
    2/F 1.5 ton/m2
    3/F 1.0 ton/m2
    4/F 0.7 ton/m2
  • There is a stock yard with area of about 400m2, loading capacity at 20 ton/m2


  • A total of 30 office rooms, equipped with lavatories and pantries, available for daily business operation.

2 x Cargo Lifts

2. Facilities of LS Bonded Warehouse

  • Two cargo lifts, with loading capacity of 5 tons each. (Length) 3.8m x (Width) 2.05m x (Height) 2.5m
  • One seven-passenger lift


Emergency Electric Generator

3. Electricity Capacity: 1,000 KVA

4. Others

  • Two electric forklifts with loading capacity of 1.5 ton each
  • Emergency electrical capacity from generator: 500 KVA