Co-Founder – Mr. Li Tseng Ming


Co-Founder – Mr. Li Tseng MingChairman Mr. Li Tseng Ming was born in 30th of August 1905 in Zichuan village (Now called Zibo City), Shandong Province. He had 2 elderly sisters and 1 elderly brother. When Mr. Li was young he followed his parent to move from Shandong to Changchun. In his 16 years of age, Mr. Li had an opportunity to travel Kobe Japan and mastered his skill in rubber and motor. After his return to China, he used these skills and was employed by a privately owned vehicle company in Changchun. Based on his techniques with engine, he was quickly being recruited in a public bus company. And with his skillful knowledge and hardworking aspect, Mr. Li was very soon to be promoted from technician to chief of the factory, more than thousand workers were under his command at that time. Apparently, Mr. Li’s youth has already told us he has potential in leadership and very convincing of what he has become an entrepreneur later.

When Chairman Mr. Li reached the age of 35 (1940), he left Changchun then moved to Shenyang. In Shenyang he opened a factory which produced inner tubes for vehicles. Apart from tubes, shoes bottom pads were also being made. The success of formulating rubbers provided good fortunes in only a few years, then later his merchandise journey started consequently.

After the pacific war was over, Mr. Li opened a store selling rubber and silk. Because of the supply and demand, Mr. Li needed to travel back and forward to Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 1949, Mr. Li decided to settle down in Hong Kong, but he was also facing his capital was getting more difficult to send from Tianjin. At that moment, Mr. Li was experiencing the worst days in his life and it has last for a couple of years. In 1953, for a chance to visit Japan, he has heard Japan has successfully developed plastic extruder machinery, and at that time Hong Kong was undergoing a development in clothing manufacturing and light industry. Following the recognition of plastic industry was getting heated, as a mechanical expert like Mr. Li was soon become more involvement in the plastic industry ever since after.

In 1964, in the age of 59, Mr.Li started LICK SANG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY on his strong determination. This company was specialized in selling mechanical parts and industrial materials. Because of his honorable personality, a hardworking attitude, flexibility in business sense and well management in cashflow. He has soon earned good reputation from suppliers and customers, and the business continued to grow.

In 1978, while China was working on their open revolutionary policy, Although Mr.Li in his highly age, he was convinced by the trend of China opening their economy, and once again Mr. Li used his experience and his superman-liked vitality, in 1982 he arranged a group of Japanese manufacturers on a trip to Tianjin, In fact, this trip had remarkably contributed a basis when several years after in 1992 his successor setup “LICK SANG (TJ) INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO., LTD.” which providing all service of Trading, Industry and Logistic in one. Having our own bonded warehouse in China, it really helps to build a good foundation for operating business in China.

Reviewing the extraordinary life of Chairman Mr. Li Tseng Ming, we saw he started a company from the ground, no matter what situation he was confronting, he would never give up, and also the ability to adapt into different era. Even in the age over 100 years, he was still very much caring of his company. His mentality should be a role model to every successor in the company and will be passed on as a corporate culture of LICKSANG forever.