We are commencing business on Industrial Products and Materials, representing more than 10 famous international brands. Our products are widely used in factory automation, electronic and semi-conducting industries. We have sales network covers in China: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Dalian. We also have distributors and partners selling our products in Southeast Asia countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and India etc. Collaborating with our other business division (Logistic and Manufacturing), we could also provide different business services such as domestic procurement, export import, sales after manufacturing.


Our logistic business has developed since 1996 after the establishment of our own Bonded Warehouse in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Our professional services cover areas including distribution of export/import, JIT delivery, tax free storage, VMI service, refrigerating storage, refrigerating transport, and transferring from port to port under custom controlled trucks etc. We are the first company which has refrigerating storage in the FTZ, and providing low temperature storage and delivery for many world class manufacturers in semi-conducting and food industries. In addition, we also have built up the best storage condition for several Japanese famous companies who are trying to expand their business in China.

Well adapting to the policies in FTZ allowed us to provide flexibility for our customers in export/import under preferable free trade conditions. Our wide range of services and value added commercial function would be the key to become the best logistic partner in China.


Due to the favorable economy condition in Pearl River Delta, since 1991 we were assigned from a Japanese well-knowing listed company, and setup our 1st processing factory in Shenzhen. Whole factory are operated by Japanese production techniques and management modules. Because of the tremendous result, LICKSANG continues to cooperate with other foreign manufacturers. Furthermore in the year of 2010, we use our own production skills and technologies, specialized in producing electronic components for Mobile Phone market. Today China has earned the name of “Global Factory”. On the road to the future manufacturing development in China, we have confident and great experiences ready to face any incoming challenge.