Lick Sang Industrial Company was established in 1964. It was then incorporated under the name Lick Sang International Company limited in 1993 in order to meet international quality standards. The operational headquarter, where our major business of trading various industrial products and equipment takes place, is located in Hong Kong.

In addition, the group company also represents more than 10 various Japanese leading global companies and high-tech manufacturers to provide sales network coverage and technical support activities to end users in China & ASEAN countries to meet demands in the continuous economic growth of China and increasing demand in the pacific rim.

To enhance and maintain our quality standards and assure quality service to our customers, we obtained the ISO standard 9001 certification in 2001.

In line of the global manufacturing base in China, our ISO standard bonded warehouse in Tianjian Xingang Port, close to the Chinese capital, was built for the purpose of serving the need of Vender Management Inventory and providing Just In Time service to our customers and business partners.

As for cost effectiveness and the competitiveness in the market for most of our business partners we maintain high standard levels in manufacturing and quality assurance, for which we set up three processing factories in Shenzhen China for electronic products such as polarizing films, voice coil motors and micro clutches, where we are in charge of administration management as well.

We will continue to dedicate and strive ourselves for further development in the industries and we are aiming towards unifying our efforts in our advantage of ‘ TRADING’ ‘MANUFACTURING’ ‘LOGISTICS’ to the continuous growth of the China market. We also assure our ongoing improvement in providing quality service to achieve the highest customer satisfaction as possible.